Arthur Road

Together with the visionary architects at ADE architecture and award-winning interior designs Gunter & Co, as well as a host of other best in class construction specialists, we are redeveloping the site at Arthur Road into a single, beautifully designed, premium-quality family home for a local private client.

Those with a good knowledge of Wimbledon may be aware that the site previously contained two separate dwellings. The main house, built in the late-1980’s was largely in poor condition, unfit for modern, energy efficient family life.

While the main house will be broken down and recycled in its entirety, the charming, locally listed, garden folly will connect via a glass linkway to a new more energy-efficient and contextually appropriate contemporary building.

This new development will not only sit more comfortably within the plot and the wider context of the neighbourhood, but will also enhance the environmental and sustainable credentials of the property for generations to come.

The new house will be set back from the front boundary by over 38 feet, ensuring that it does not intrude on the street scene. Furthermore, the pedestrian and vehicular access will be improved and set back further, in so doing offering better safety for all pedestrians and road users of Arthur Road.




Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t just incorporate the building that we are developing which has been designed to deliver a reduction in CO2 emissions of 35% over the requirements set out in the building regulations.

As well as recycling the entire structure that we will demolish, we maintain our ongoing commitment to using green fuel for machinery across all our sites. This fuel is 100% renewable, odourless, biodegradable and offers low emissions.

An MVHR system will be used to recover heat and recirculate fresh air throughout the property adding to the energy efficiency of the building.  In addition, air source heat pumps, low-profile photovoltaic panels and an aesthetically pleasing rainwater harvesting pool for non-potable slow attenuated release water, offer us confidence that this new home will delivery significantly improved energy and sustainable living credentials.

Furthermore, the site is being developed in such a way as to ensure that there will be minimal arboricultural impact. The significant majority of the planting on the site will remain intact and in the few areas where planting will be impacted, the landscape is deemed to have limited amenity, ecological or cultural value.


On the lookout for new sites.


As well as working for private clients like those at Arthur Road, we also have a portfolio of our own residential development projects.

If you own a site, or a house with re-development potential we would be keen to hear from you. Or if you are an investor looking to add London residential property to your portfolio, we are open to discussions.